Friday, February 1, 2008


We go on to publish our winners. These are the awarded poems at Romanian Kukai contest for October 2007. The theme of the contest was dragonfly.

First place

Waltzing with the wind
Through the poor field –
A dragonfly

Loredana Florentina Dănilă

Blade of grass –
a dragonfly bends
slowly the light

Eduard Ţară

A dragonfly
on the fisherman’s rod
the single smile

Horia Ivăşcan

Second place

Reed shadow
wavering slowly…
a dragonfly

Vasile Moldovan

Frosted wings –
a dead dragonfly
wind swept

Gabriela Marcian

A dragonfly
In the stone amber –
amulet in the chest

Simona Dobrescu

Third place

What is beyond
the dragonfly’s wing –
almost everything

Elia David

Grain of hoar frost
on the dragonfly’s wings
asleep in the flowers

Ana Ruse

Translation made by Magdalena Dale. We are not native English speakers. In this way we will appreciate if you will point out the possible mistakes of the English version of our poems.

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