Sunday, June 8, 2008


We go on to publish our winners. These are the awarded poems at Romanian Kukai contest for February 2008. The theme of the contest was sleet.

First place

Lone through the sleet
an old man at shopping -
the wind in his bag

Victoria Chiţoveanu

Second place

Old men in the sleet -
in the second hand window
looking at themselves

Eduard Ţară

Evening still -
the last pedestrian
walking to the sleet

Maria Tirenescu

Facing the sleet
with snowdrops in his hand
towards the cemetery

Livia Ciupav

On the weak shoulders
the bag heavier and heavier -
an old man throughe the sleet

Valeria Tamaş

In the full sleet
a vagrant and a dog
across the street Fast Food

Dumitru Roşu

Third place

Walking throughe the sleet
I hold up the red rose lost
by the wedding guest

Ana Ruse

The sleet on the road
keeps for a moment
traces of a sled

Dumitru Radu

Translation made by Magdalena Dale. We are not native English speakers. In this way we will appreciate if you will point out the possible mistakes of the English version of our poems.

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