Monday, August 4, 2008


We go on to publish our winners. These are the awarded poems at Romanian Kukai contest for May 2008. The theme of the contest was lime tree.

First place

Late night –
only the lime fragrance
passes the street

Ioan Marinescu-Puiu

Old woman’s house
only the fragrance of lime
passes her threshold

Livia Ciupav

Second place

A lime branch
looking beyond the wall
for the first time

Eduard Ţară

First day school –
in the lime hollow
two satchels

Dan Norea

Third place

Edge of the night
the last lime blossom
in a winding flight

Gabriela Marcian

Bent by the times
forgotten by the poets
the lime in Copou.

Dumitru Roşu

Translation made by Magdalena Dale. We are not native English speakers. In this way we will appreciate if you will point out the possible mistakes of the English version of our poems

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