Monday, November 17, 2008


We go on to publish our winners. These are the awarded poems at Romanian Kukai contest for June 2008. The theme of the contest was skylark.

First place

poppies shadow -
the skylark's song
towards the sun

Henriette Berge

Second place

A skylark -
suddenly the blue
so much deep

Eduard Ţară

Soaring –
the song of a lark
opens the sky

Vali Iancu

Nestling lark -
the shadow of a hawk
in the distance

Livia Ciupav

Third place

A skylark
with the first dew drops
clearing his throat

Ioan Marinescu-Puiu

Sleepless night
listening to a lark
lone on the porch

Ion Untaru

Following the field -
the skylarks still drop
towards it

Mircea Teculescu

Dancing with the sky,
dissipation of shadows and trill -
a lark

Victoria Chiţoveanu

Day of June -
uniting with the sky

a lark

Dumitru Radu

Translation made by Magdalena Dale. We are not native English speakers. In this way we will appreciate if you will point out the possible mistakes of the English version of our poems.

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