Saturday, December 26, 2015

Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 422

First Place – Argentina Stanciu

snow falls over the crosses -
on grandmother’s tapestry
the unfinished poppies

Second Place – Costin Iliescu

poor tenant -
a cricket pays
bit by bit

Third Place – Argentina Stanciu

village covered under snow -
coming from the haystack
summer’s scent

first snowflakes -
the letter to Santa

Mention – Costin Iliescu

broken window -
the geranium escapes
through the broken pieces

Mention – Vasile Conioși-Mesteșanu

same beard -
other little hands stretch
to get the gifts

Mention – Petru-Ioan Gârda

thick darkness -
seeming more lively today
the blind man’s cane

Mention – Lucreția Horvath

full of so much white –
the snowflake falling uncertain
on the plough land

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