Sunday, February 14, 2016

Comments for Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 429

pension day - 
at the marketplace a lump in the throat
and three on the handkerchief

Violeta Urdǎ

A model which can elegantly suggest that the pension is too low.  You don’t talk about the daily price list in marketplace, and about how much the pension is, you only mention the day you got it and the way you can test its value. Two enlightening situations for its buying power. Do not say anything literally, call on the emotional allusions of two phrases, both of them flirting with the word lump. The lump in the throat confesses the chocking reaction at the prohibitive prices, and the three lumps (knots) on the handkerchief the inability to decide to open your wallet.

tea time -
no table that is not taken
in the village’s pub

Violeta Urdǎ

The gradation of the fulfillment of meaning is perfect, only the last line completes a final detail needed to make full sense. For the spatial slip, especially for the atmosphere, from the five o’clock to the pub to make its irony felt and the muffled satire to function perfectly. Another place and another atmosphere. The choice is left up to the reader.

snowing in full swing –
the flour from the mill
on dad’s face

Ion Cuzuioc

Nothing but classic juxtaposition. Both images place us in the times known by those living in the countryside, and seen in the literarary works and in movies by those living in the city. Symbolically, they bind compactly, like two hemispheres from Magdeburg. The abundant snowfall can anytime be one that makes the roads impassable. The joy of snowing for the child is doubled by dad’s caring for the barn which needs to be full.  The child associates them perfectly – the same white, one for the careless generosity of snow, and the other one for the sweaty and bleached face of the parent pressed by responsibility and pleased that he once again managed to get things done.

hardly heard
the tick of the clock -
dripping icicles

Argentina Stanciu

Without saying it, the poem is silent about getting beyond the reach of time. Listening to the dripping icicles, the monotonous and obsessive ticking of the clock loses its priority. Now it seizes us and delights us.

first trinket -
on the dewy meadow
steaming lamb

Vasile Conioşi-Mesteşanu

Here is a trinket that you don’t wear in your chest. An icon that, without being placed in a frame, is always kept in your heart. Just as any other sign, more vocal, more exhilarating, of the outbreak of spring.

(Corneliu Traian Atanasiu)

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