Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 439

First Place – Petru-Ioan Gârda

lilac flowers –
the warmth is returning
in mother’s eyes

Second Place – Valeria Tamaș

weakened bridge -
even the butterflies
waiting for their turn to pass

Third Place – Vasilica Grigoraș

election year –
the venom therapy
more extensively used

Third Place – Valeria Tamaș

among the seedlings -
under the weight of years
mother’s hands

Mention – Magda Vlad

competition -
cherry flowers and stars
in a corner of heaven

Mention – Argentina Stanciu

Hawthorn flowers -
suddenly getting more quiet
the heartbeat

Mention – Ana Urma

almost daytime -
a branch with flowers
illuminating the window

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