Monday, November 21, 2016

Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 468

First Place - Vasile Coniosi-Mestesanu

hoarfrost -
covered by leaves
the moon on the lake

Second Place - Ion Cuzuioc

next to the fountain -
the village news
quenching the thirst

Second Place - Ana Drobot

flock of cranes -
counting reasons
for immigration

Third Place - Valeria Tamas

bread factory -
the passers-by's footsteps
losing their rhythm

Mention - Cezar Florin Ciobica

hurt deer -
maple leaves enlarging
the bloodshed

Mention - Dan Norea

no money for installments -
I search instead for a bench
somewhere in the park

Mention - Valeria Tamas

clay oven -
sanctifying every piece of bread
grandma's hands

Mention - Rodica P. Calota

in a small bead
the whole sky -
hawk's eye

Mention - Ana Urma

clear sky as far as the horizon goes -
in the printing press's half-shade
crane's feather

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