Monday, April 10, 2017

Romanian Monthly Kukai March 2017

Theme: using the word freesia

Special Prize

rainy day -
withered on the windowsill
a freesia

(Sabina Ciobanu)

First Prize

fuss on a freesia -
a ladybug
makes the sun wobble

(Mihai Pascaru)

Second Place

cool at dawn -
shaking on a freesia
dew drop

(Lucretia Horvath)

Third Place

anniversary -
on the dry freesia

(Julia Ralia)

Fourth Place

freesia bouquet -
never forgotten the perfume
of the first date

(Dan Iulian)

Fifth Place

in-between perfusions -
a yellow freesia
changing the colour

(Doina Bogdan Wurm)

Sixth Place

a white freesia
under the burning candle -
my prayer

(Adina Enachescu)

Basarab train station -
the only valuables
a couple of freesia

(Giannis Kourtis)

cloudy sky -
the rainbow tamped into
the basket of freesias

(Luminita Ignea)

withered freesias -
my childhood home
alone at twilight

(Ioana Bud)

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