Monday, January 18, 2016

Comments for some poems from Weekly Romanian Kukai 426

If a haiku is a draft and it is made of several strokes, why shouldn’t its comment also be something similar? The poem below:

among the ruins –
the sunset’s shadows

(Grigore Chitul)

may surprise in the revealing moment of the twilight when everyone can experience the fickleness of the shadows that change apparently too quickly its length and angles. And, suddenly, for the ruins, just like for the sunset, the past suddenly acquires not only unexpected dimensions but also mobility. Recording the time as sudden restlessness of history has to it a savory playful charm.

big snowflakes falling –
in-between the pencil and the paper
not one single letter

(Ana Urma)

Contemplation is almost always a concern that removes you from what you should do, that makes you forget what you had planned. But, we must admit, when we look at the snow falling, we are above the letter that we rightfully neglect.

alone at the window -
the stormy sea
for the last two days

(Dan Norea)

The ambiguity of a phrase is sufficient for the reader’s subjective temptations to be discouraged. The glass, transparent, causes the sense to become one goal. Whirling and loneliness are on the one and the other side of the glass. They merge and reinforce one another.

(Comments by Corneliu Traian Atanasiu)

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