Sunday, May 1, 2016

Romanian Monthly Kukai April 2016

The theme was using the word SEEDLING.

First Place

night of vigil –
ready to break the moon
a thread of seedling

Rodica P. Calotă

Second Place

still alone -
turning towards the gate
even the seedlings

Vasile Conioși-Mesteșanu

Third Place

another sunrise -
grandma stares at
the seedlings

Mihaela Nadin Ghileschi

Fourth Place

withered seedling -
a child’s picture
on a crooked cross

Violeta Urdă

Fifth Place

end of rain –
around the seedling
cloudy moon

Daniela Lăcrămioara Capotă

after the storm -
on the wet alleys
seedlings of stars

Gabriela Vlad

Sixth Place

convalescence -
mom puts her seat
between seedlings

Daniela Zglibuțiu

mourning at the gate -
among flower seedlings
mother’s slipper

Letiția Iubu

removing weeds from among seedlings -
the old man kneels
among white butterflies

Rafila Radu

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