Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 443

First Place –  Constantin Iliescu

mid day -
a ray returns from
the darkness of the fountain

Second Place –  Valeria Tamaș

after the rain -
the sun spills out
of the full trough

Third Place – Luminița Ignea

lake after rain -
the cherry tree’s blooms are falling
over the moon’s disk

Third Place – Magda Vlad

again in the mirror -
disheveled and graceful
the willow over the lake

Mention – Ana Urma

swallows flying -
the palm of Our Lady’s flowers
supports a nest

Mention – Vasile Conioși-Mesteșanu

night in May -
beggars sleeping in
poplars’ fluff

Mention – Vasilica Grigoraș

apple trees in bloom -
last year’s blouse
getting much too narrow

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