Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 448

First Place – Lucreția Horvath

singing owl -
I check once again
the perfusions

Second Place – Violeta Urdă

on the windowsill a basket
with bitter cherries -

Third Place – Petru-Ioan Gârda

sunset in the mountains –
the waterfall still carrying
the light in the depths

Mention – Luminița Ignea

pausing from cutting the grass -
the bottle quickly passes
from hand to hand

Mention – Mariana Tanasă

children in a circle -
drawn on the asphalt
mother’s heart
Mention – Valeria Tamaș

wedding in the neighbourhood -
overnight all plum trees
dressed in white

Mention – Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă

golden wedding -
on the white heads
traces of pollen

Mention – Ana Drobot

bitter cherries –
from what had been once
yellow letters

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