Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 449

First Place – Valeria Tamaș

serving tea -
in the chipped cup
full moon

Second Place – Petru-Ioan Gârda

a white butterfly
sitting on my chest -
I can barely breathe

Third Place – Violeta Urdă

lullaby -
in the mother's rocking chair
a bouquet of poppies

Third Place – Argentina Stanciu

sun’s ascent -
bent towards the ground
the heavy spikes

Third Place – Elena Victoria Glodean

scorching sun -
in the fountain’s bucket
the cool day

Mention – Rodica Calotă

orchards in flames -
everything started from
a ripe cherry

Mention – Violeta Urdă

fatigue -
on the floral dress
a live butterfly

Mention – Iliescu Constantin

deep water -
the whirl slowly absorbs

Mention – Elena Victoria Glodean

only a brief respite -
over the scythes’ shine
grasshoppers’ jumps

Mention – Ana Urma
alone on the platform -
shaking off its flowers
a bitter cherry

Mention – Vasilica Grigoraș

a crippled man admiring
the arms of a tree -
it too has a stump!

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