Sunday, October 2, 2016

Results of Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 463

First Place – Argentina Stanciu

autumn leaves -
browsing in silence through
letters from long ago

First Place – Valeria Tamaș

end of rain -
out of the barrel the sun
pouring outside

Second Place –  Dan Norea

blonde girl on alleys -
looking for an old, rich

Second Place –  Argentina Stanciu

grandpa left us -
a cricket under the bench
still singing

Third Place – Violeta Urda

autumn breeze -
a scarf waving
on the empty platform

Mention – Vasile Coniosi-Mestesanu

vesper bell -
grandpa smiles
from the old frame

Mention – Luminita Ignea

country wilderness -
frozen moon
on the peak of a pine tree

Mention – Petru-Ioan Garda

gentle October -
the painter’s irises
in dozens of colours

Mention - Rodica Calota

autumn sunset –
the horizon still bears
sign of wings

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