Saturday, October 22, 2016

Romanian Monthly Kukai Results Octomber 2016

    Theme: using the word MUST

Special Prize

shards of burned clay -
the archaeologist inhales
flavors of must

Constantin Iliescu

First Place

must time -
the potter shapes
other pots   

Florin Florian

Second Place

sleepless night -
only clusters of stars

in the must carafe 

Violeta Urdă

Third Place

a cup of must -
from the sickle moon

come off the leaves

Ana Drobot

a porch at dusk -
the light  decants into
the glass of must

Dan Iulian

Fourth Place

flavor of must -
the flying starlings soar
to another vineyard

Gabriela Vlad

ritual dance -
from beneath bare feet

gushes the must

Virginia Popescu

Fifth Place

meet again -
the taste of childhood
in the cup of must

Cristina Oprea

Sixth Place

must time  –
only the memories

filling the clay cup

Daniela Lăcrămioara Capotă

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