Sunday, December 11, 2016

Romanian Weekly Kukai no. 473

First Place

Ana Drobot

starry night -
a cobweb
grasps everything

Argentina Stanciu

anniversary -
coming first in the door threshold
a few snowflakes

Second Place
Luminița Ignea

stranger in town -
the street names under
thick hoar frost

Third Place
Cornel C. Costea

glazed frost everywhere -
so many dance steps and
no spectator


Vasilica Grigoraș

cataract -
the poplar fluff invades
the iris flower

Constantin Iliescu

flea market -
the old man wipes gently 
the dust on books

Corneliu-Traian Atanasiu

the abundant snow
on the little house of cardboard -
the plot thickens

Argentina Stanciu

decorated Christmas tree -
the place in the head of the table
empty this year

Adina Enachescu

downpour -
the paper boats
by the board

Cezar Ciobică

first snowflakes -
quietness even in 
the courtroom

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