Sunday, December 25, 2016

Romanian Weekly Kukai no. 475

First place 
Ana Urma

winter sunset -
peeling silently
an orange

Second place  
Vasile Conioși-Mesteşanu

the same Xmas tree -
cradling on her knees
a photo album

Third place 
Cristina Oprea Young

wrapped present-
snowy entirely
the childhood home


Cornel C. Costea 

Xmas gifts -
in the mailbox
envelopes with fines

Cristina Parvu

my grandparents' yard  -
only the old dog
making ski slope

Cornel Costea C.

Xmas Eve -
only the wind carols
in the desert village 

Ana Urma

The Journey of Magi -
guide in the night
only one Star

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă

hoarfrost -
my granny displays
her old laces

Petru-Ioan Gârda

Happy New Year -
all my neighbors
are nutter

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