Sunday, October 25, 2015

Romanian Monthly Kukai October 2015

Romanian Monthly Kukai October 2015

Special prize

completed herbarium -
caught in layers of ice
red rosehips

Ana Drobot

First place

the old woman's hand -
rosehips enlivening
her lifeline

Radu Tudosan

Second place

soldier's cross -
reddened rosehips
delete the date of death

Daniela Zglibuțiu

Third place

poor tomb -
a briar bush alone
in place of the cross

Valeria Tamaș

Fourth place

inscribed in the jar
autumn's calligraphy -
rosehip jam

Mariana Tănase

Fifth place

rosehip jam -
the taste of childhood
caught in a jar

Mirela Grigore

rosehips on branches -
other crowns of thorns
on the old crucifix

Vasilica Grigoraș

Sixth place

rosehip tea -
right before the holidays I feel
the fever of travelling

Dan Norea

ripe rose hips -
the lights in the bushes
on in autumn

Dorina Pop

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