Saturday, October 10, 2015

Poems that Inspire

The Weekly Romanian Haiku contest no. 411 has prompted haiku author Costin Iliescu, the winner of the most recent volume publishing contest organized by Romanian Kukai (2015), to create a new project for his fellow haijin. 

Every Saturday, the participants will choose haikus from the list of anonymous poems sent every Friday and write a new haiku, starting from an image or an idea in the haiku they read and that inspires them. They will choose their own haiku that inspired them and then write a new one. 

The first list of poems is available on the blog From Weekly Contest no. 411, Costin Iliescu has chosen poem no. 23. Afterwards, the participants created their own:

poem no. 23

the window blinds
slice through the light -
butterflies at dinner

Rodica Calotă

The following haijin were inspired by this poem:

Violeta Cuturescu

butterflies in my stomach -
the neighbor’s silhouette
through the blinds

Iulia Ralia

through the blinds
I listen to the crickets -
one last night?

Carmen Duvalma

through the dark
rays of light -
night butterflies

Oana Gheorghe

through the blinds -
a ray of light crawls
into the teacup

Vasilica Grigoras

autumn labour -
on the plow’s blades
slices of sun

Luminita Ignea

butterflies on the ceiling -
the moon moves shadows
through the curtains

Mihaela Cojocaru

after the storm –
the sun slices clouds
with thousands of rays

Costin Iliescu

through the blinds –
on the table the sun
slices up the bread

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