Monday, November 21, 2016

Romanian Weekly Kukai no. 470

First Place - Luminita Ignea

webs in the corners -
somebody is still working
in this house

First Place - Cezar Ciobica

first snowflakes -
the old teacher
postpones the dictation

Second Place - Vasile Coniosi-Mestesanu

first snow -
leaving the letter to Santa

Third Place - Ion Cuzuioc

first frost -
in the lake's waters
pieces of sun

Mention - Elena-Victoria Globean

I watch how it is snowing
over the lime tree at the gate -
two lonely people

Mention - Violeta Urda

leafless trees -
stepping like in a parade
the old veterans

Mention - Constantin Iliescu

red bandanna -
a sandcastle on sale

Romanian Weekly Kukai no. 469

First Place - Rodica P. Calota

gathered hay -
the sun stuck
in a corner of the fork

Second Place - Petru Ioan Garda

autumn ploughing -
brought to the light
an ancient ricrac

Third Place - Argentina Stanciu

lighting in the night -
projected on the wall
a shaking leaf

Mention - Rodica P. Calota

unlit torch -
the chrysanthemums continue
the death watch

Mention - Ana Urma

autumn hours -
giving some colour to the sunset
some tea with honey

Mention - Cristina Parvu

first layer of snow -
grandma's footsteps through the yard
no longer heard

Mention - Valeria Tamas

Christmas trees -
first year with no gift
from grandma

Mention - Elena Victoria Glodean

news about rising prices -
father draws some smoke from a snipe
smouldering inside

Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 468

First Place - Vasile Coniosi-Mestesanu

hoarfrost -
covered by leaves
the moon on the lake

Second Place - Ion Cuzuioc

next to the fountain -
the village news
quenching the thirst

Second Place - Ana Drobot

flock of cranes -
counting reasons
for immigration

Third Place - Valeria Tamas

bread factory -
the passers-by's footsteps
losing their rhythm

Mention - Cezar Florin Ciobica

hurt deer -
maple leaves enlarging
the bloodshed

Mention - Dan Norea

no money for installments -
I search instead for a bench
somewhere in the park

Mention - Valeria Tamas

clay oven -
sanctifying every piece of bread
grandma's hands

Mention - Rodica P. Calota

in a small bead
the whole sky -
hawk's eye

Mention - Ana Urma

clear sky as far as the horizon goes -
in the printing press's half-shade
crane's feather

Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 467

First Place - Rodica Calota

floating moon -
in vain trying to carry it away
the river

Second Place - Lucretia Horvath

loneliness -
out of the coffee vapours
an angel's face

Third Place - Argentina Stanciu

Halloween ball -
dressed as a skeleton
the overweight girl

Mention - Valeria Tamas

drizzle -
gathering coins
to pay for bread

Mention - Luminita Ignea

October morning -
a white chrysanthemum
pierces through the fog

Mention - Ana Drobot

literature -
highlighting a passage
autumn light

Mention - Constantin Iliescu

watershed at night -
the moon crosses the hill
in the deep bucket

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Results of Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 466

First place– Argentina Stanciu

Harvest Day 
the old man’s backyard
full of grandchildren

Second place– Valeria Tamaș

castle in ruins 
pairs in the ballroom
the dandelions

Second place– Cristina Pârvu

the grandfather’s backyard -
only the walnut tree’s shadow
fills the porch

Third place– Petru-Ioan Gârda

falling leaves 
haijin in the window
counting syllables


Valeria Tamaș

cranes flying south 
more and more weaker
mother’s eyesight

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă 

winter sun
next to the quince in the window
the dentures

Ion Cuzuioc 

cheerful night 
a cricket chirping
in the waste bin

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă

must time
the landlady in the tale
dead and buried