Thursday, November 5, 2020

How to read a haiku by an educated reader


fleeting love –

in front of her gate

idling away


(Mirela Brăilean)


 Some general remarks:

- the author is not mentioned in the text, discreetly, he is standing in the shadows

- the text does not talk about any emotion felt by the author or by the reader

- the feeling of being in love is rather depicted with the help of irony

Important in the poem are the approaches that are read between the lines and link the two parts. The fleeting love (temporary, transient) in the first part corresponds to the expression of idling away (without a determined goal, without purpose, at random). There is an abbreviation, an ellipse, in the second part. One that can be easily recovered. It is obvious that the lover is the one who passes by in front of the gate, idling away. He passes (he is a passer-by), but not only because of the idling away (literally - for her sake,) but also almost uselessly (figuratively). Love thus proves to be fleeting, outdated, and fragile.


Comment by Corneliu Traian Atanasiu