Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Romanian Kukai August 2017

 Special Prize

alone on the alleys -
red poppies  and black eyes
in the wheat field

Adrian-Nicolae Popescu

First Place

evening in Bărăgan plain -
the sickle of the moon descends
over the baked wheat

Mihai Pascaru

Second Place

the enlightened road -
on either side
baked grains

Ioana Bud

chanting -
over the riped wheat
his cracked hand

Argentina Stanciu

Third Place

harvested wheat -
trampled by a combine
the old man's scythe

Petru-Ioan Gârda

the patched bag -
a few grains of wheat
left behind

Grigore Chitul

great feast -
the grasshoppers’ stir
in the wheat field

Cristina Oprea Young

the burnt stubble field -
a fight between sparrows
for a grain of wheat

Valeria Tamaș

Fourth Place

unreaped wheat -
next to the empty barns
a rusted scythe

Lucreția Horvath

cloudy day -
only in the wheat field
abundant sunshine

Nadin Ghileschi

Fifth Place

threshed wheat -
yeasting in the womb
first baby

Mihaela Băbușanu

ploughed stubble fields -
steaming the eyes
the bride’s cake

Luminița Ignea

reaped wheat -
the quail’s young ones
attempting to fly

Letiția Iubu

Sixth Place

the house after
grandfather leaves -
scent of boiling wheat

Ildiko Juverdeanu

wavy wheat -
never has her hair been

Julia Ralia

new aura -
Jesus on the crucifix
with a crown of ears

Florin Florian