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is a blog in Romanian language with four authors who intend to organize the first Romanian Online Kukai. It is founded on February 24, 2007, and it has become the meeting point of the Romanian authors of Japanese poetry; also, 5 monthly contests took place in the virtual space of this blog.

Gradually, the website has comprised other information activities which were meant to strengthen the community of the people who like Japanese poetry. We try to underline the previous activity in this field by presenting the magazines on paper, the lists of books published in Romania, opinions and interviews of the people that write haiku, and also presentations of the ones that organized the Haiku Movement in Romania. We also provide information regarding the international websites of Nippon poetry, other contests and meetings of the authors. We aim at publishing as many materials as possible (both Romanian and foreign authors) in order to help the beginners to take their first steps in the art of haiku.

The fact that the website is in Romanian language has 2 advantages: there are a lot of Romanian authors which are not accustomed with English languages and this is the only manner in which they can participate to our activity; we can encourage the writing of haiku in Romanian language so that the authors to not give up this for good, writing only in English. The disadvantage is that we are not known and we can not be read by the ones that do not know Romanian language.

This website, English Version, is an English version of ROMANIAN KUKAI and it aims at making us known to the people that do not know Romanian language. We will try to provide small reviews of our posts, to translate the poems that won the monthly contests and to enter into relationships with the ones that visit us.

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