Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Romanian Monthly Kukai January 2018 Results

The contest asked for haiku poems using the word path/sport track/slope

Special Prize

home again -
on the path nobody wearing
a green scarf

Cristina Oprea Young

First Place

closed sport track -
sliding down the valley
only the mountain’s shadow

Cezar Florescu

Second Place

no path -
only the shadow of the poplar
towards the old gate

Mihai Pascaru

Third Place

moonshine –
only the woolf’s path
around the sheepfold

Valeria Merca

Fourth Place

a stump in the way -
spreading on the slope
all the stars

Argentina Stanciu

Fifth Place

same slope -
farther away the peak
with every passing year

Vasile Conioși-Mestașanu

Sixth Place

mountain hamlet –
creating paths among the homes

Valer G. Pop