Monday, April 13, 2020

Daily Haiku for 13 April

arrivals and departures -
swallows’ nests
in the old train station

Argentina Stanciu

We deal with an empathic-ironic way of taking over the duties of a station decommissioned by the bieds. A perpetual movement of going to and fro revitalizes the building. The swallows have found a more stable shelter there. For the human beings, the train station is abandoned and ruined, but for the birds it has a secure future. A muffled, slightly acid lyrical compensation. (Comment by Corneliu Traian Atanasiu)

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Romanian Monthly Kukai March 2020

Special Prize

early thaw -
the child changes the book
with the makeup kit

Argentina Stanciu

First Place

old cross -
the thaw makes lighter
Jesus’ cross

Cezar Florescu

Second Place

first thaw -
sky and earth
in a puddle

Ioana Bud

Third Place

thaw on a mountain lake -
crushed among trouts
Polar Star

Ion Rășinaru

Fourth Place

thaw weather –
the antique dealer gets out
his table with old books

Mona Iordan

defrosted river -
the night carriages starting
full of stars

Lucreția Horvath

Fifth Place

window thaw -
dripping from the flower
the last petal

Ion Cuzuioc

Sixth Place

early thaw -
are getting faster

Béa Hurmuz

late thaws -
on the old woman's shirt
only rivers

Mihai Pascaru