Sunday, January 22, 2017

Romanian Weekly Kukai no. 479

First place
Constantin Iliescu

with the stream -
the moon wrapping itself
on the mill wheel

Second place
Dan Norea

Winter at the museum -
admiring Boticelli's

Third place
Vasilica Grigoraș

mid of January -
at the poetry evening
the wind's recital


Ioana Bud

show at the rink -
watching a star in the sky
the orphan child

Luminița Ignea

untilled field -
tormented by thoughts
the old miller

Vasile Conioși-Mesteșanu

winter sun -
only the poplars' shadow
on the entire ice

Valeria Tamaș

first snow -
white as snow in the barn
the cast-iron cauldron

Marcela Ignătescu

on last journey -
memories of other times
gently dripping

Dani S.C. Pop

the frost sharpening
diamonds in the windows -
needy grandparents

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Romanian Monthly Kukai Results December 2016

using the word: foggy/steamed window 

Special prize

Lucreția Horvath


if it had been the window 
lightly steamed 

Letiția Iubu

between them only 

the lime tea fragrance -

the steamed window

1st  Place
Florin Florian

no donor -
only on the steamed window
the daughter's heart

2nd Place
Marcela Ignătescu

the steamed window -
the old teapot on the hot plate
breaks the silence

3rd  Place
Eduard Țară

a steamed window -
cropping from the universe 
several stars

4th Place
Daniela-Lăcrămioara Capotă

a railway station for two -
on a steamed window
an empty heart

Valer G. Pop

on the steamed window
drawing mother's face -
orphan child

Dan Norea

a drawing for Santa -
on the steamed window
the father's face

5th Place

Maria Tirenescu

commuter train -
art Gallery
on a steamed window 

Argentina Stanciu

word mother
on steamed windows -
children's home

6th Place
Nadin Ghileschi

Christmas night -
in the childhood  home
no steamed window