Sunday, November 25, 2018

Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 575

First Place – Angelescu Cristina

echo in-between the valleys -
the silence lies down
snowflake over snowflake

Second Place – Mona Gheorghe

fresh snow -
the quail at the gate
changes its blooms

Third Place – Mihai Talașman

cold drizzle -
a question mark
grandma’s body

Mention – Ion Cuzuioc

extinguished candle –
drowned in oil
mother’s tear

Mention – Mihai Pascaru

very old house -
in the window only the spider
pulls the curtain

Mention – Mirela Brăilean

steam train -
climbing up on the hill sweating
children with sleighs

Mention – Ana Urma

night with moon –
an icicle carrying heavy rays
right in the window

Mention – Valeria Tamaș

the lonely nut tree –
under the heavy moon
night after night

Mention – Valeria Tamaș

grandmother’s school –
the bean grains
used as abacus

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 558

First Place – Mirela Brăilean

night's rest -
a few horses drink with greed
even the moon from the waterway

Second Place – Vasilica Grigoraș

summer romance –
a wilted flower
in the fairy-tales book

Third Place – Valeria Tamas

the blind man’s departure -
instead of the candle
full moon

Third Place – Mirela Brăilean

hither and thither on the hills –
so that I do not feel lonely
the cuckoo sings to me

Mention – Ana Urma

water lilies near the shore –
a star in the Big Dipper
is the first one to disappear

Mention – Mihai Pascaru

tea at the town hall -
most of the counselors
rub mint

Mention – Mihai Talașman

blocked door
by the Turk’s pipe * -
rarely home

*climbing shrub alongside walls and fences

Mention – Alice Ostafi

summer holidays -
all worries wiped off
by the sea’s waves

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Romanian Monthly Kukai July 2018 Results

Theme: sand castles

 Special Prize

after the storm –
the castle in the hourglass
left untouched

Alice Ostafi

First Place

sand castle -
another summer escaping
through your fingers

Cristina Angelescu


sand castle
shrouded by algae -
her green shawl

Doina Bogdan Wurm

Second Place

wave of immigrants -
for the sand castle
one more wing

Argentina Stanciu

Third Place

childhood -
in the sand castle
the whole story

Ion Cuzuioc

Fourth Place

sand castle -
a barefoot princess
the only watchman

Ana Urma

Fifth Place

war orphans -
in the sand castle
lead soldiers

Mirela Brăilean

Sixth Place

deserted beach -
on the sand castle
a sparrow

Mihai Buraga


sand castle -
the builder taking care
of the stairway to the stars

Ioana Bud


sand castle -
photo album
from my youth

Norea Dan