Sunday, May 10, 2020

Romanian Weekly Kukai no. 651

First Place – Mihai Talașman

grandma’s house -
mended by a spider
broken window

Second Place – Cecilia Birca

closed school -
the spider draws his web
over the world map

Third Place – Ion Cuzuioc

abandoned orchard -
hanging on to weeds

Third Place – Mihai Pascaru

early morning –
in the flower girl’s basket
a peony yawns

Mention – Mihai Pascaru

morning prayer -
on a spider's thread
dew drops

Mention 2 – Cristina Apetrei

rainbow in the window -
completely dry in the schoolbag

Mention 2 – Cornel C. Costea

walking together –
a beetle takes a sit
on the hat

Mention 3 – Ion Cuzuioc

ripe cherries –
elegantly dressed
the scarecrow

Mention 3 – Cristina Apetrei

after the rain -
the old acacia's shadow
not fitting in the puddle