Thursday, June 19, 2008


We go on to publish our winners. These are the awarded poems at Romanian Kukai contest for March 2008. The theme of the contest was spring's edginess.

First place

Without any fault
under the ploughman’s sole
a blade of grass

Loredana-Florentina Dănilă

Again spring
in the man and in the bud
the same start

Vali Iancu

Second place

After the hard winter
a nervous sparrow –
where is her nest?

Henriette Berge

Night insomnia –
stars or tears drop
from the vine arbour?

Doina Bogdan Wurm

Third place

Second hand bookshop -
among the books in the window
lilac blossoms

Dumitru Radu

March dawn
in the trap of the town
apricot in full blossom

Florică Dan

Translation made by Magdalena Dale. We are not native English speakers. In this way we will appreciate if you will point out the possible mistakes of the English version of our poems.

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