Sunday, March 27, 2016

Weekly Romanian Kukai no. 436

First Place – Petru-Ioan Gârda

cherry trees in bloom –
in the house grandma
putting out more lights

Second Place – Vasile Conioşi-Mesteşanu

April frost -
grandma’s kerchief over
a few branches

Third Place –Cezar Ciobîcă

train station in ruins -
a new born lamb
on the dead line

Third Place – Valeria Tamaş

searching in vain
for the tree of my childhood -
stumps everywhere...

Mention – Ion Cuzuioc

doves at the window –
getting yellow in the sunlight
the pile of letters

Mention – Magda Vlad

hidden moon –
white petals scattered on the ground
showing the way

Mention – Dan Norea

white in the mirror -
but where are the snows
of yesteryear?

Mention – Ana Drobot

lightly tapping the rhythm –
opening up slowly
the magnolias

Mention – Ioana Bud

the girl’s tresses
smelling of lilies of the valley -
first date

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