Sunday, November 15, 2015

HAIKU inspired by Haiku No. 417


yellow spots
scattered throughout the garden -
painting by Pollock

Julia Ralia

Impressionist painting -
poppies in the field
from the moving train

Ana Drobot

night on the mountain -
darkness fills
all abysses

Valeria Tamaş

speaking into the void -
the deep dark night fills
the entire valley

Ana Drobot

sunny park -
on the hunchback’s shoulders
chestnuts in the rain

Argentina Stanciu

leafless park -
the school manager in class
offering chestnuts

Petruţa Ionescu

a flock of butterflies
at the end of travel -
night lights

Ana Urma

flocks of dreams
scattered with smoke –
flickers in the night

Mihaela Cojocaru
flickering candles
with every hurried footstep –
end of tunnel

Petruţa Ionescu

days of mourning -
lights on the Eiffel Tower
from the black burqa

Iliescu costin

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